Points for kilometers


2 pt

For each kilometer in your recorded bike ride longer than 1,5km. What about longer trip next time?

6 pt

For each kilometer of recorded run, walk or Nordic Walking training, longer than 1,5km. 


Bonus points for activities


10 pt

Additionally, for each run or drive longer than 1.5 km, min. 30 minutes after your previous activity. For a maximum of the first 2 bike rides of the day and the first 2 runs / walks.


Streak bonuses, for consecutive active days in a row

Streak points are awarded separately for each activity: cycling, running and exercising. In order to receive points for regularity in one of them, e.g. running, you must record scoring runs  for X consecutive days. 


We compete not only individually but also in teams

*Note that you can only create a team during the day of the start of the competition

  1. Gather a group of x people, so that on the day of the start you are ready to compete against other teams.
  2. Go to rankings view (Cup at the bottom of the page) > Groups > Teams. Here you will find a list of already created teams: join one of them or select the "Create Team" button.
  3. You can give your team a name and logo and send your friends an invitation link.
  1. Points are counted only during the active edition of the challenge. Before its start (e.g. in warm-up period), the activities are not scored. To score for a route, it must be at least 1.5 km long and the exercises must last at least 10 minutes.


  2. Only activities saved in Activy after the user joins the challenge in the application are counted. It is not possible to add previous routes, even if they were already made during active edition of the challenge.


  3. All activities are verified by the application's algorithms. You should turn on route recording only when it is acually being performed. If you change the means of transport (for example you get in a bus), you should end or stop the recording of the route - otherwise such activities will be deleted.


  4. In order to receive points for the activity, a minimum of 30 minutes must pass from the end of the previous activity. However, you don't have to wait - points per kilometer are always added (for activities over 1.5 km).


  5. Do not record indoor activities, as they are usually affected by GPS issues. Routes with invalid GPS records will be deleted.


  6. In order for an activity to receive points in a given edition, it must be completed during its duration, i.e. before 23:59. Routes loaded from GPS devices (Garmin, Polar) and the Strava application connected to Activy should be imported before the end of the edition. We recommend that you do not wait until the last minute as synchronization may take longer.


  7. The results in the "My Profile" tab are your personal results, regardless of the duration of the challenge. The statistics in the Rankings tab may differ from them because Rankings take into account only the activities performed during active editions of the challenge.


  8. If you connect Activy with Garmin, Polar or Strava devices, remember that Activy will show only routes made from the moment of connecting both applications. Pre-merger historic routes will not be considered, even if made during the competition. The list of activities that count towards the statistics of the competition in a given category (bike / running) after synchronizing the devices with Activy can be found HERE.


  9. If you are uploading routes from your GPS device to Activy via Strava, be sure to do so on a regular basis. The organizer reserves the right to exclude a competitor who imports too many routes at the same time (e.g. from a period of 5 days). In addition, you run the risk of exceeding the limits of Activy's connection with Strava and not taking into account the journeys.

  10.  For more information click HERE