In this challenge kilometers count!

In this challenge we compete based on kilometers. You can collect them by riding on a bike.

Kilometers in your recorded ride on a bike counts. 🚴 The route has to be min. 1,5 km long to be included in the rankings.

Additional information

  1. Recorded routes are not shared to other participants and your employer. The routes and detail information about your activities are only used by Activy to verify if the activities are in accordance with the regulations.
  2. Kilometers are awarded only during an active edition of the competition. Before an edition starts (for example during a warm-up), the activities are not scored.
  3. For an activity to earn points in a given edition, it must be completed during the edition, that is before 23:59. Routes that are uploaded from GPS devices (Garmin, Polar) or the Strava app connected to Activy have to be imported before the end of the edition. We recommend not leaving this for last minute, as the synchronization may take longer than expected.
  4. The results under the “My Profile” tab are your personal results, regardless of the duration of the competition. The statistics visible in the “Ranking” tab may differ from them because they only include rides completed during active editions of the competition.
  5. If you connect Activy with Garmin, Polar or Strava, bear in mind that Activy will only show activities completed after connecting both apps. Older routes completed before the synchronization, will not be included, even if they were completed during the competition. Full list of activities that will be included in the contest in each category after the synchronisation you will find HERE.
  6. If you're sending routes from a GPS device to Activy via Strava, remember to do it regularly. The organizer reserves the right to exclude a player who will import too many routes simultaneously (for example all routes from a period of 5 days). In addition, you risk reaching limits on the connectivity between Activy and Strava and as a result, not have your rides scored.